We're Preppy. So we pop it.

Can I pop you?Baby.

Im Preppy. So I pop it.
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This site is still underconstrution so ideas on how to improve it are welcomed.


This community if for preps only. Once you send in an application you will be judged on your looks, peronality, attitude, application answers, and of course how preppy you are. We wish you luck : D

1. Don’t fake the application; be you.
2. Your application needs to be under an LJ cut, and it must include 3 to 4 pictures.
3. If you aren’t accepted, do not bitch; it will not convince us to let you in, and it's just annoying and immature.
4. If you don’t want to have a chance of being a little critiqued then don’t post; we are going to be completely honest.
5. If you have any questions on how to make an LJ cut or post an picture, ask us before you apply.
6. Your LJ cut needs to say, "I'm preppy, so I pop it."
7. If you are accepted, you must comment, but do not post about everyday life, that is what your journal is for; post an link to your journal if you have a “must read”
8. We can also kick someone once they become a memeber.
9. Promote!


The Basics

Hair Color?:
Eye Color?:
Post the link where you promoted us:


Would you rather be alone, hang out with one other person, or be in a group?:
Friday night?:
What would you say your everyday attire consists of?:

This or That

Night or Day?:
Cat or Dog?:
Ugly and Sweet or Hott and Mean?:
Hot or Cold?:
Tall or Short?:
Prep of Punk?:
Winter or Summer?:
McDonalds or Burgerking?:
Hard or Soft?:


Chad Micheal Murray:
Lindsay Lohan:
Hillary Duff:
Brittney Spears:
Josh Harnett:


Underage drinking:
Gay marriage:
Premarital sex:
What do you think classifies a "prep"?:
What makes you preppy?:


How many pairs of shoes do you have that actually fit?:
What pieces of jewlery do you wear everyday?:
Do you have a cell phone?:
Name three things you "can't live without":
hat's your favorite clothes store?:
What's your favorite outfit?:

Submit 3 or more pictures...